Humaning Around

What is this site?

Grapes are fun

Welcome to the world of


A world of

poems & songs

honesty & humour

POEMS song lyrics SONGS TO LISTEN TO radio interviews


6 Responses to "What is this site?"

Holle, Holle, Holle, what a gross pic and absolute waste of yummy grapes. I assume you washed them and ate them after???
Love your work. No poems since the 16th? When does the nominal 12 months expire?
Cheers from Stax.

9th of October. Been giving myself some grace with the blog. Especially since the 19th when my grandfather’s body began to shut down. He passed peacefully and painlessly yesterday 22nd March at 1.20pm, an inspirational man, loving and contented.

Dear Holle.
This is such sad news. Was your Grandad a factor in your inspiration? If so, it worked!!!!

Love from Stax.

My grandfather is a huge inspiration to me. Apart from being a honourable human being he was an entertainer; drummer, magician, musician, showman and make-people-laugh-er.

My beautiful husband put the grapes in my nose, romance and humour go so well together. I asked him to take a photo. fun fun

Hello Holle. Holle Hello. Ello Olle. Olle Ello.

Such fun playing with your name!!

The nominal 12 months is up this Friday.
Are you penning a ‘war and peace’??

Cheers from Stax.

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